Our Products


Promotional products manufactured by us are safe.

Since the beginning of our activity we have been aware of the importance of maintaining the highest safety standards. Long before the European Union regulations set very strict requirements for our industry, our company made every effort to make the production process and in particular the final product fully safe for the users.

The production takes place under constant supervision, in accordance with health and safety requirements and environmental protection regulations. We use modern systems of work organization and quality control. We use a highly efficient and energy-saving machine park. We select only reliable suppliers of the best quality raw materials and semi-finished products.

Our products are free of harmful substances.

In response to our customers’ expectations and in the face of growing consumer awareness in the field of product safety, we decided to thoroughly test our products in terms of chemical composition and harmful substances content. The analysis was carried out by the Parisian laboratory Bureau Veritas and its positive result was confirmed with a certificate.

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