Our company produces personalized advertising gadgets, business gifts, bar mats and many other elements made of soft PVC. We have been operating in this sector since 2002.

All our products are manufactured in Poland, which allows us to cooperate with our customers efficiently and with very short lead times. We are a reliable partner for large and small customers.

For many years, we have been developing our machine park using the latest technologies and we are now the innovation leader in the field of soft PVC production.

This enables us to react flexibly and allows us to easily prepare the production of small batches consisting of several dozen pieces, as well as large orders of up to several hundred thousand elements.

Quality is our flagship. Many years in the advertising industry have taught us that it is on the highest quality products that we can build a competitive advantage, and very demanding European customers confirm the validity of this theory.



One of the most popular marketing gadgets. They are ordered both by micro companies and by market giants. They give ample scope for designers to display their skills. They amaze with the beauty of detail and vivid colours. They can say a lot about the company that advertises with them. They are a welcome gift.

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bar mats

Most often they expose logos of alcoholic beverages producers. Placed on a bar, they prevent spilling beer on the bar top and advertise the beer brand at the same time. Our mats are soft, elastic, very durable and can be washed, even in dishwashers.

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We offer them either as an advertising gift with a client logo or as a souvenir for retail in holiday resorts, souvenir shops, tourist sites etc. In both cases magnets are a long lasting decoration and a good carrier of information. Once sticked to a fridge, it usually stays there for a couple of years, reminding about a company or a place (eg. SPA).

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Most often used in offices. They prevent coffee mugs from sliding and protect desk surface. They are resistant to high temperatures and easy to wash. They are a decoration, a practical gift and an excellent advertising medium, all at the same time.

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printed gadgets

New in offer! Now all types of our products can be enhanced with a high quality print. On a flat surface of a keyring, bar mat or a magnet, we are able to print any motif selected by the client. The print is extra durable and allows to reproduce graphical details with virtually no limits.

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All marketing gadgets produced by us are personalized. This means that they are made exclusively to order and are created strictly according to the requirements, ideas and designs of our customers. The customer has to provide us with a graphic version of their logo or any other motif and we will design a selected article, e.g. a key ring or magnet with this emblem. Of course, the customer may design the whole gadget according to his own ideas and whims and place any motif on it. And we will produce it because for us no challenge is too difficult. We will recreate any colour, we will realize any shape?

Our most popular products include: key rings, cup holders, lanyards, bar mats, magnets, luggage tags, badges, bands, zippers and many others.
But we are also willing to produce more unusual promotional articles and business gifts. If you have your own idea for a completely new gadget, we will do our best to materialize your whish.

The material we work with is soft PVC. It is soft, pleasant to the touch and resembles rubber. Our production technology, refined over many years, allows us to make 2, 2.5 and 3-dimensional gadgets with unbelievable precision. We can make details with an accuracy of 0.2 mm. Soft PVC keyrings captivate with the beauty of the detail and vivid colours from the Pantone palette.

We conduct continuous research on the use of new materials, technologies and processes. We constantly introduce new products and respond better to customers’ expectations. Product quality is our pride, while customer satisfaction is our motivation.

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