How it all started

The beginnings of our company date back to 2002. Our business launch was inspired by an extremely rapid increase in market demand for advertising products, promotional gadgets and business gifts. The response to this need came from the Far East, not always meeting the expectations of the European customer. This gave rise to the following question: Can a similar production be launched in Poland? Is it possible to keep costs at a profitable level? Is it possible to compete with quality, reliability and flexibility of response to customer demands? And finally: is it possible to earn money by producing advertising keyrings?

After several years, we have the answer: it is possible.


Modernity and innovation are the words that best describe our production process. Advanced solutions in the area of communication, design and manufacturing allow us to comprehensively meet customer expectations.

Our technological base allows us to carry out both very small orders and large-scale projects even amounting to hundreds of thousands of pieces.

For over ten years we have been constantly modernizing our machine park to meet the requirements concerning precision, quality, savings and environmental protection.

To a large extent, we design and manufacture machines ourselves, which allows us to introduce new types of marketing gadgets to the market on an ongoing basis.

The latest software improves product design and production management capabilities and the entire process is supervised by CRM and ERP systems.

We conduct continuous research on the qualities and processing of soft PVC, which makes us the leader of innovation in this area.

The recognition on the market and the growing demand for our products have become the driving force of technological development, which today is a source of pride for us and a guarantee of satisfaction for our customers.


Creating a personalized marketing gadget is a complex and multistage process that took us a lot of time and effort to fine-tune.

Today, a team of highly qualified specialists makes every effort to satisfy the customer.

The process is started by salespeople, who agree with the customer on the general framework and costs of the project. Then graphic designers prepare a product visualization and a virtual model needed later for production. If the client wishes so, we prepare a prototype of the gadget. This is taken care of by proofers, whose additional task is to ensure that the colours on the keyring are identical to those of the customer’s logotype. Once the project has been accepted, the production begins. Its course is our secret. We can only write that it consists of 7 consecutive stages that are supervised by reliable and competent employees.

Professionalism, commitment and a good working atmosphere guarantee efficient cooperation with customers and smooth production processes.

In favourable circumstances, the whole process from the first contact with us to the delivery of the package with ready keyrings to the customer may take 5 working days. During this time, the project is successively realized by 11 different specialists. This is a really harmonious team working in a perfect way!


Quality is our hallmark and one of the factors giving meaning to our activity.

Highest quality of our products is based on:

best raw materials
continuously improved technology
attention to details
colors from the full Pantone palette
work organization – CRM and ERP management systems

EU funds

In the years 2012–2016, our company implemented a project of production diversification through automation of the microinjection process, co-financed by the European Union as part of the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme.

The project was one of the milestones in our history. It has allowed us to accelerate our technology significantly. We were able to develop new, more precise machines and improve the organisation of work. The introduced innovations contributed significantly to the improvement of product quality. The most important benefit, however, has been the opening of a new path in research and development, which allows us to develop ever more modern working methods and has set the directions of technological development for the future.